Additional Training Drives

If it’s been a long time since you last drove a car, this offer is for you. We help to get back to regular, safe driving with our refresher lessons if you are a little unsure about your driving.

During the first lesson our instructor will check how much do you remember and suggest the amount of hours necessary to become an aware, safe driver if you need more than one lesson.

Our offer price:
  • 80 PLN for 1h
  • in promotional pack of 10 hours: 750 PLN
  • Additional training drives with automatic gearbox 100 PLN/hour

Depending on what you need to improve the lessons may include:
  • basics (operating all instruments in a car)
  • certain aspects of driving in town (roundabouts, parking, changing lanes, overtaking etc.)
  • motorway driving (safe driving at a higher speeds)
  • traffic signs
  • night driving (driving at dusk until late night hours)
  • proper technique of driving

More information about course: kom. 698 698 944

More information about course:
Arleta Lehmann tel. 22 628 00 56 kom. 698 698 944

To arrange your lessons please send message:
Andrzej Rożnowski 795 280 046

ul. Nowowiejska 6 lok. 28 00-649 Warszawa
We’re open: From Monday to Friday 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.