Driving lessons – Category C & C+E

  • be of age 21 years
  • have a PKK number
  • B category driving licence

Basic course:   
  • 5580 PLN – promotional price – 20 hours of theory and 45 hours of driving

Installment payments:     

1) 2000 PLN – at signing for the driving licence course
2) 2000 PLN – no later than after 10 hours of practical courses
3) 1580 PLN – no later than after 20 hours of practical courses

Medical approval: 

We offer you doctor’s examination at our driving school. Polish speaking doctor.

  • Targówek – every second Monday, or at 4:00 pm – Trocka 10a, but please call 22 371 65 05

Please set an appointment befor you visit our doctor.


Practical lessons:       

DAF LF 55.220, or MAN 12.264 with trailer- vehicle identical to that used on final exams

Driving lessons around exam routes.

Maneuvering area:  

maneuvering area compliant with specifications localized on Jagiellońska 88 Street

PKK Number

It’s your personal driver’s profile number which will subsequently identify you as a learner and after the completed tuition let you sign up for the final national test. To apply for PKK number you have to visit the City Hall adequate to your Residence Card’s address and produce:

  • Your Residence Card  – Residence Card is an ID plastic card that in most cases you should already have.
  • Your medical report – Please note that you can obtain your medical report from any medical professional qualified in drivers examination.
  • Fill the application form – The filling form can be collected at the City Hall
  • Take your photo with you – The picture must meet a few official requirements (i.e. size 3,5 x 4,5 cm). Simply ask for a driving licence photo at the photographer.
  • Psychological test if you apply for a professional licence
  • Your current driving licence photocopy if you have one
  • Your parents consent if you are underage

More information about course: kom. 698 698 944

ul. Nowowiejska 6 lok. 28 00-649 Warszawa
We’re open: From Monday to Friday 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.