Driving school in Warsaw / Driving lessons in english

Kurs mocowanie ładunku w transporcie drogowym Warszawa

Driving school in Warsaw

With us you’re gonna be a professional. Get real driver training and driving lessons in english at LINIA driving school in Warsaw.

Linia Driving School is currently one of the few „Super-OSK” drivers training centers in Warsaw. It means that we provide highest quality of education. Our school is using fully qualified driving instructors. The company has the highest efficiency and effectiveness of operations and so we were certified to an ISO standard. We are one of the most experienced driving schools in Warsaw. Thousands of satisfied learner drivers chose our school in the past 16 years. The recent survey shows that the majority of the learner drivers come to our school through a recommendation. Every time someone recommends LINIA Driving School we are grateful and happy that we met our customers requirements. Check our driving lessons in english.

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Nowowiejska 6 lok. 28 Street 00-649 Warsaw
Opening hours: monday – friday – 11.00 am – 07.00 pm