Motorcycle course category A

kurs prawo jazdy kat. A2, A warszawa, jazdy doszkalające kat. A2, A warszawa

NEW MOTORCYCLE! YAMAHA MT 07 Such as in the driving test A!


Driving lessons category A – price:

  • 3190 PLN – special offer
  • 2990 PLN – if you have category A1 (20h driving lessons)
  • 2590 PLN – if you have category A2 (10h driving lessons)

Driving lessons category A – payment by instalments:

  • 1000 PLN – at the registration for the motorcycle licence course
  • 1000 PLN – before practical lessons
  • 1190 PLN – payment due date before the tenth scheduled driving lessons


Driving lessons category A – theory lessons:

You can attend theory lessons in one of our offices according to your preferences of location. The price of the course includes the basics with examination questions in English.

Driving lessons category A – practical lessons:

Yamaha MT 07

Driving lessons category A – testing ground:

The testing ground is compliant with the  specifications. Location:
  • Warsaw, Ursynów, 11, Hirszfelda Street
  • Warsaw, Gocław, 5, Kwiatkowskiego Street
  • Warsaw, Targówek, 88, Jagiellońska Street


  • be 24 years of age
  • have PKK number

Driving lessons category A – PKK number:

PKK is given as your personal driver’s profile number to identify you as a learner.  After the completed tuition it will let you sign up for the final national examination. To apply for PKK number you have to visit the respective City Hall  depending on the address on your Residence Card:
  • Residence Card  – Residence Card is an ID plastic card that, in most cases, you should already have.
  • Your medical report – Please note that you can obtain your medical report from any physician qualified in drivers examination.
  • Fill in the application form – The form can be collected at the City Hall
  • A driver’s licence photo of you  – The photo must meet a few formal requirements (i.e. size 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm). Please, ask for a driver’s licence photo at the photographers.
  • Psychological examination records if you apply for a vocational licence
  • Your current driving licence photocopy if you have one
  • Your parents’ consent if you are underage



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