Periodic training

Periodic driver training is compulsory for all drivers holding a driving license of category C and D, who professionally perform road transport. Periodic training is cyclical and should be repeated regularly every 5 years. Compulsory periodic training is intended to improve road safety and the safety of the driver, also when stationary. Every driver who has the qualifications of categories C, C1, C + E, C1 + E and categories D, D1, D + E, D1 + E is obliged to complete periodic training every 5 years, corresponding to the vehicle he is transporting. It takes place in the form of theoretical classes. After completing the training, a certificate of professional qualification is issued. After completing the training, the driver, wishing to perform road transport, is obliged to obtain an appropriate entry in the driving license.

Periodic training – terms of admission:

1100 zł

Periodic training – terms of admission:

  • you have to have category C driving license issued after September 10, 2009
  • you have to have a category D driving license issued after September 10, 2008

Periodic training – course duration

35h – theory classes (5 days)



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