Pre-qualification crash course

We offer pre-qualification mandatory courses to train professional truck and bus drivers. The Certificate of Professional Competence  course has been replaced by European Union regulations so that drivers who qualify to drive a bus or lorry complete this course.

That is why it is often called, for example, the pre-qualification course for the transport of people or goods. It  facilitates the  access to work in the European Union countries because all drivers coming from EU countries will be equally entitled.

Pre-qualification crash course – price:

 4 200 PLN

Pre-qualification crash course – terms of admission:

  • you have to have category C driving license issued after September 10, 2009
  • you have to have a category D driving license issued after September 10, 2008

Pre-qualification crash course – course duration:

140h (42 days)

  • 130h – theory classes
  • 10h – practical classes (2 hours of driving on a skid plate and 8 hours of driving in road traffic)



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